The Journey To Uncover Your Purpose

The journey to uncover your purpose starts with you. Like aunty, Lauren said, “How you gonna win, when you ain't right within?"

Recording artist, Lizzo, has been single handily leading the self-love movement and showing us that we should unapologetically love and embrace who we are. If we aren't showing up for ourselves, then who will? The most important love you could ever experience is the love for self.

While body image and loving the reflection in the mirror is a place to start- self-love can also show up in a myriad of ways:

  1. Setting Boundaries: Setting boundaries in a relationship, whether platonic, business, romantic, allows you to say no without hesitation, reclaims your time, allows you the opportunity to love up on yourself, and disengage from people and things that no longer serve you- let it go!
  2. Digging Deep: We all hold on to past trauma that unconsciously shows up when we least expect it. Have you ever found yourself crying at random moments? Lashing out or partaking in activities that you know are not right? Sit with yourself, journal, and start addressing those unresolved issues.
  3. Being Patient with Yourself: Sis, nothing happens overnight! We guarantee that you will try, and you will fail. But, that's the beauty of living: you get the opportunity to do it over and over again.
  4. Celebrate Small Wins: We get so caught up in the bigger picture that we don’t realize that we’ve been crushing our goals. Think about how far you’ve come, reflect on when you started, and celebrate, Every! Single! Win!

Self-love is whatever gets you to, or back to your authentic self. The journey may not be easy, but baby, it’s worth it. Black Women’s Lives matter, YOU matter. So, be like Lizzo, slap your own ass, say no, and show up! Because you’re good on any BLM BLVD.

Throw on your BLM BLVD apparel and go find yourself, girl!