Black Women: Are We TOO Independent?

This thing called dating, can’t live with it, can’t live without it! 

If you’re not dating, how else are you supposed to get a man? But, this 2020 type of love is not what we signed up for. Black Women’s Lives Matter, right? So why are some men so intimated by a strong, black, independent, bossed up female?

The question we really want to know is, are black women too hard to love? Or are some men too soft to accept that we know what we want and who we are and don’t have a problem vocalizing that?

Strong Black Women Are:

Independent: Anything men can do, we can do equally as good or better, and with style and grace. We aren’t looking for someone to complete us we are already whole.

Flourishing Entrepreneurs: We are breadwinners and don’t require a man to financially support us. We want a man and don’t need one. 

Sexy: We exude confidence! We want a man to match our fly and feel confident enough to know that we turn heads.

Stereotyped: We arent be considered aggressive- we’re assertive, we aren’t hard to deal with- we just won’t be walked over, we aren’t hard to love- we’re selective with whom we share emotional intimacy.

Ladies, we are not too hard- we’re just right! What a beautiful thing when we’re able to find a partner who compliments us and a partner who levels up because being with us makes them want to be better themselves. Think Beyonce and Jay-Z, Oprah and Stedman, Michelle and Barack! 

You should not have to dumb yourself down for love. The right one will appreciate you in all your glory, in all your strength, and be in awe of the women who you are. If he’s not doing that, sis, that man is soft!

Visit our website: Black Women's Lives Matter and support another strong black female!